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Is my donor area sufficient for hair transplantation?

post-FUE hair transplant @ Modena Hair Center (individual results vary)This is a common question we receive from patients on the message boards. In hair transplantation, we extract grafts (hair follicles) from one location and transplant them in another. The area where grafts are extracted is known as the donor area. Individuals seeking hair transplantation are often concerned about their donor area and if it’s sufficient enough to support a hair surgery.
Upon evaluation for hair transplantation, we assess the donor area for quality, density, and health. This evaluation takes into consideration traits such as levels of density, thickness versus fineness, and strength of the hair follicle.
If the hairs in the donor area lack density and are weak or programmed for hair loss soon, they will not sustain a hair transplant extraction. If the hair transplant was done despite the lack of quality of donor area, the patient could see increased permanent hair loss.
So, if your donor area isn’t sufficient for hair transplantation, does that mean you aren’t a candidate for hair transplantation?
Not necessarily. Luckily, hair transplant science has advanced in recent years. We now have multiple areas in which we can use for donor sites. The beard, chest, and back can be used as potential donor sites for men who do not have sufficient scalp donor area.
The best way to determine the quality of your donor area as well as your candidacy for hair transplantation, you should meet with an experienced hair restoration surgeon. Give us a call today.