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Men: here’s the best way to handle all your facial hair

While beard trends come and go, from clean-shaven to handle-bar mustache to full on lumberjack style beard, the rest of your face isn’t so trendy. Nose hair, eyebrow hair, and ear hair are not subject to the same changing styles or personality your beard is. They pretty much always need to be tamed to keep your face looking fresh and clean.
But what’s the best way to groom your face? Worry not, we’ve compiled some of the best tips around for how to keep those pesky hairs from taking over your face and clean style.
Feeling brave? Forego the at-home work and opt for salon service instead. Noses, ears, and eyebrows are some of the most common facial waxing packages available. A little hurt now means more time in between maintenance sessions.
Nose hair
The first thing you should know is that you should never pluck your nose hairs. First off, it hurts. And there’s just no need for that kind of pain. Second off, it’s not good for you. Our noses have hair for a reason, and plucking them can leave you susceptible to infection.
That being said, long nose hairs are unsightly and kind of gross. So instead, opts for some special facial hair scissors (with a round safety edge) or some cool nose-hair trimmers. Either option can be found during a quick trip to your local store or pharmacy in the hair-care or facial-care areas.
Pro-tip: Press the nose up and back for easier access to the hairs.
Ear hair
We’ve all seen scary ear hair, most likely on our grandfathers (sorry grandpa). Those things can get long and scary very quickly.
Trim some years off your age by trimming your ear hair. The ear can be a bit more tricky compared to the nose when it comes to taming hair, but an electric trimmer will most likely be the easiest tool to aid in your ear-hair-eliminating venture.
Just make sure to be careful. Slowly run the trimmers across the outer surface of the ear. Whatever you do, don’t go digging around inside your ear canal. One wrong move and you can get permanent ear drum damage.
Eyebrow hair
Nobody likes crazy brows or a unibrow, but it can be intimidating to know where to start when it comes to taming your eyebrows. Not sure where to start? Take a deep breath and grab a comb, tweezers, and small trimming scissors. Don’t worry, it’s easy!
First, come your brows up toward your hair line. Take a small pair of trimming scissors and trim any hair ends protruding over the natural shape of the brow. Repeat after combing brows down towards the chin.
Use the tweezers to clean up that unibrow. If it’s been awhile and you’re having a hard time knowing where your brows start and end, use your inner eye and nostrils as a guide.