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Scalp massage for hair growth

Is your hair feeling unhealthy or not growing as much as it used to?
Try scalp massages to bring health and growth back to your hair.
Scalp massages are easy, take minimal time, and can be done by you every day!
This little act has a great impact.
When the scalp is massaged, the skin and hair follicles underneath are stimulated. Stimulation in the scalp means improved blood flow and circulation. Improved blood flow and circulation means more nutrients being fed to your scalp and follicles.
Scalp massages can be done while shampooing and conditioning in the shower, utilizing hot oils, or when relaxing after a long day.
Benefits of scalp massages include more nourished hair and even hair growth. If you’ve been experiencing lack of hair growth and unhealthy-feeling hair, scalp massages could be just the thing you need to get your hair back to health and growth. Consider adding warm oils which increase the benefits.
If you’ve been experiencing hair loss, it is unlikely scalp massages will help. When we begin experiencing hair loss, we need to take more aggressive approaches to stop the hair loss and possibly reverse it.
If you’d like to learn more about your options for stopping and reversing hair loss, give us a call for a consultation.