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The benefits of going organic with your hair and skin care products

While many are familiar with the benefits of eating organic food, not as many are familiar with the benefits of using organic products for the hair and skin.
To first understand the benefits of going organic, we first need to understand what exactly organic means.
The term organic has many different definitions. When it’s used in relation to food or products, it refers to the process in which things are grown or made. When something is labeled organic, the growth or production process doesn’t involve the use of antibiotics, pesticides, or chemicals.
This is important because these toxic chemicals, antibiotics, and pesticides can have lasting effects on the human body, the extent of which is not yet fully known. And consuming these toxic chemicals doesn’t just harm us in the long-term. Many individuals experience reactions to these harmful chemicals short-term as well.
Digestive issues, stomach upset, and rashes are just some of the many short-term reactions some individuals have experienced when consuming non-organic products.
In order to maintain overall health and wellness, its recommended to avoid any unnecessary antibiotics, pesticides, and chemicals. This is extremely important with food, and as we’re learning more, just as important with our hair and skin care products as well. After all, our bodies absorb externally through our hair and skin as well as internally.
With increased awareness comes increased options. Today, there are more organic options for skin and hair products than ever before.
When shopping for organic products make sure to keep a careful eye on the ingredient list.
Organic hair care products will be sulfate-free and have a limited ingredient list. Sulfates and unnecessary chemicals can cause build-up in our hair which can clog pores, block follicles, and prevent hair growth.
Organic skin care products will be free of parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals. Foregoing these toxic chemicals will help prevent rashes, hives, and other unwanted reactions. Our favorite organic lotion is byebye creams.
If you’re turned off by the price of going organic – try DIY instead. There’s a plethora of online blogs that provide detailed instructions on how to create your own shampoos, lotions, deodorants, and much more.
Let us know how you go organic!