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Are protein shakes causing your hair loss?

Many individuals who are active in the fitness world choose to follow up their work outs with a protein shake. Protein shakes are beneficial post-work out because they aid in muscle recovery quickly and efficiently.
Unfortunately, recent research has shown that whey protein (the main component in most protein shakes) raises testosterone levels. This is problematic because testosterone has a direct impact on hair growth. And it’s not a positive one.
When testosterone is converted to DHT by an enzyme, it can suffocate hair follicles, causing miniaturization and progressive hair loss. It is believed that the higher amount of testosterone in your blood, the higher amount that is converted to DHT, and the more hair loss you may experience.
One contributing factor to the whey protein – hair loss connection, is the amount of whey protein fitness-minded individuals consume in an average day. Studies showed that the less whey protein consumed the less effect it had on testosterone and hair loss. But, active whey protein drinkers are consuming on average about triple the necessary amount of protein our bodies need. This excessive whey protein consumption is believed to cause hair loss rather quickly.
The good news is that when individuals stopped or reduced their whey protein intake, the hair loss virtually stopped and even regrew. If you regularly consume whey protein shakes and are concerned it may be causing your hair loss, consider pausing your post-work out protein shake routine and see how your hair reacts. Opt instead for lean turkey, quinoa, lentils, and vitamins which have shown to nourish and promote healthy hair.
While dietary adjustments can help some individuals who are experiencing recent and sudden hair loss,  it is unlikely a diet change will have an impact on those with progressed or severe hair loss. If this is you, you may want to schedule a consultation with a hair transplant surgeon who specializes in the medical as well as alternative methods of regrowing hair. Give us a call today.