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Suffer from scalp psoriasis? Try coal tar.

Do you suffer from scalp psoriasis?
Scalp psoriasis is a type of psoriasis (skin condition causes by a buildup of dead skin cells) that effects the scalp. It is often concealed under the hair, but can cause a multitude of problems to those who suffer from the condition.
Scalp psoriasis is similar to traditional psoriasis in its symptoms: itchy, flaky scales, redness, irritation, and if left untreated, hair loss. Psoriasis scales can be quite unsightly and uncomfortable.
Thankfully, there are options for those afflicted by the condition.
Steroidal medication is a proven prescription method in treating psoriasis. It can be taken in the form of a pill or ointment. The downside to this treatment method is that in order to remain effective over time, the treatment must be stopped after a certain amount of time (usually 2 weeks) whether or not the symptoms have subsided.
Salicylic acid is another proven course of treatment, specifically for those who suffer from scalp psoriasis. It is often an added component to psoriasis shampoos, and works to counteract the psoriasis. Unfortunately, this treatment isn’t effective for everyone.
Coal tar is a less common but extremely effective treatment for psoriasis, especially when it occurs on the scalp. Coal tar can be added to ointments or shampoos and is found at pharmacies. The coal tar works to neutralize the psoriasis, preventing the buildup of skin cells that creates the itchy and annoying scales.
If you suffer from scalp psoriasis and haven’t had success with steroidal or salicylic acid treatments, give coal tar a try. It’s safe and effective, and may be the key to treating your psoriasis.

Are those flakes in your hair dandruff or scalp psoriasis?

According to Proctor and Gamble, approximately 50% of people in the U.S. deal with dandruff and dry scalp issues.
This common hair malady can usually be resolved through the use of specialized shampoos, adjustment of hair products used, and even increased hydration and improved diet.
Psoriasis on the other hand, is a more serious medical condition that involves the immune system.
A buildup of skin cells causes flaky patches across the scalp. These patches itch and typically appear raised, red, and scaly. In addition to itchiness, scalp psoriasis can cause soreness, burning, and bumps.
Psoriasis is not curable but can be treatable. If you have scalp psoriasis, its important you find a treatment regimen that works for you, as leaving scalp psoriasis untreated can cause the patches to flare up, becoming increasingly uncomfortable, itchy, sore, and eventually causing hair loss.
The most common treatments for psoriasis involve salicylic acid and coal tar. There are creams, ointments, and shampoos that contain either of these active ingredients and work to calm and control the spread and severity of the scalp psoriasis.
Different active ingredients work differently for everyone. It is possible that salicylic acid may not resolve your psoriasis symptoms, while the coal tar may be more beneficial. It is best to get samples of each and see which one works best for you.
For more severe cases, you’ll need to visit your doctor or dermatologist for a prescription. Often times, medications containing steroids are beneficial in treating psoriasis, but they can only be used for a short amount of time.
If you believe scalp psoriasis may be causing your hair loss symptoms and would like to learn more about what you can do prevent continued hair loss, give us a call for a consultation today.