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Turning a sunburn to a tan – folklore or truth?

Is it possible to turn a sunburn into a tan, or is a folklore tale passed down through generations? According to dermatologists – yes, its possible. But, they urge you take every sun precaution possible.
First things first, you should know there’s no safe way to tan. Going out in the sun unprotected is dangerous, and every time you do so you increase your risk of skin cancer and wrinkles.
That being said, humans aren’t perfect and sometimes you end up in the sun without protection. If that happens to you, and you get a sunburn, take these measures to help your burn turn into an even tan.
Ever notice your feel fatigued, thirsty, and groggy after a rough sunburn? These are symptoms of dehydration. Sun and heat draw water and salt out of our body which results in dehydration. Rehydrating your body will not only help you feel better on the inside, it will help your sunburn too. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body. Never underestimate the power of hydrating from the inside-out.
Pain relievers
Pain relievers like Ibuprofen (Advil) contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as pain-relieving properties. When skin is sunburned, its often inflamed, angry, and red. Over the counter pain relievers will help manage the pain as well as in the inflammation, allowing you to heal quicker and easier.
Thanks to the sunburn, your skin is dry, depleted, and in major need of moisturizer. A moisturizer with aloe vera (a natural moisturizer, healer, and all-around miracle worker) will be your best bet in repairing your skin and preventing peeling. For added cooling pain-relief, put the moisturizer in the fridge.
Apply vigorously, and don’t skimp on the product. Your skin needs all the moisture it can get.