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Hair care travel tips

Traveling is one of the most high-stress activities we encounter. From the traffic on the way to the airport, to the long check-in lines, to the cramped airplane seats, there’s no way to avoid the stress of traveling.
But there are some ways you can ease your stress before you even get to the airport. It starts when you’re packing.
If you’ve perfected your hair routine then you know how hard it can be to go without. Whether its hair care in the shower, drying or styling techniques, or styling products. While some may believe going without for a few days isn’t a big deal, it can throw off your routine, your style, and start your trip off on a foot you don’t want.
So rather than go without, start preparing now so that your packing and travel go with ease, and you arrive at your destination with less stress and anxiety than before you left.
Below are some tried and proven tricks to incorporate all your hair care needs on your next trip.
Buy travel size. Next time you’re at the store, grab some travel size bottles of your favorite hair care products. Most stores also have empty travel size bottles you can buy to fill with your products at home.
Pack light. If your trip is only a few days, you only need a small amount of product. Don’t over pack which can lead to a heavier bag and a waste of product.
Bring a hat. Chances are you’re going to be exhausted and not want to deal with your hair one day. Plan accordingly and bring a hat so you don’t have to feel the pressure.
Plan styles that don’t require tools. While straighteners and curling irons are great, they don’t travel well. Pick out some cool braids, simple up-do’s, or other low-key styles.
Stick to your routine. Don’t change up a hair-care routine that’s been working for you during an already stressful time. Stick to your routine to minimize negative outcomes.
Happy traveling!