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I’m a woman with thinning hair. Am I a candidate for hair transplantation?

Most women experience a type of hair loss known as diffuse thinning. Rather than focused areas of hair loss (such as what men often experience), with balding in the crown or hairline, diffuse thinning is characterized by equally distributed hair loss across the scalp. This evenly dispersed hair loss presents itself as hair thinning.
Unfortunately, this type of hair loss is not the most ideal hair loss type for hair transplantation. That doesn’t mean those with diffuse thinning are definitely not candidates for the surgery, but it definitely means you’ll need to meet 1-on-1 with a hair restoration surgeon to assess your scalp and hair loss.
Women, in particular, pose a particular challenge with diffuse thinning hair loss and hair transplantation. The style in which most women wear their hair, can make transplantation quite difficult. Long hair gets in the way and conceals the scalp thereby concealing areas in need of graft transplantation. For women with short hair, these issues would be eliminated, and their candidacy may be improved.
Women with tension hair loss (as a result of wearing weaves or hair tightly pulled back) and traditional Norwood scale-type hair loss are the most ideal candidates for hair transplantation. Regardless of the type of hair loss you have, there are options for restoring your hair. We have seen great success in our female patients with alternative medical management hair loss options such as PRP therapy and laser therapy.
If you’re interested in treating your hair loss, regardless of the type, give us a call today.