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Everything You Need to Know About Beard Transplants

Growing a full beard is one of the most appealing and game-changing adjustments you can make to your look, but not everyone has the opportunity. In fact, it’s been reported that almost half of all men deal with uneven & patchy facial hair. A painless beard transplant can be the perfect fix. For a long time, people thought this was an unchangeable constant, and people with problematic beards & mustaches assumed there was no way to fix things. However, modern hair restoration technology has given people a new, clear path to full & even facial hair.

You might already be familiar with the many ways a hair transplant can change someone’s life, but those benefits aren’t only reserved for those with scalp-related issues. Utilizing the same methods that would be used for a standard FUE or FUT procedure, a qualified hair restoration surgeon like Dr. Yazdan can give your beard the consistent & natural look you’ve always wanted.

A beard transplant patient before the start of the procedure.

During the procedure, similar to the typical transplant, the surgeon will obtain the necessary hairs from your donor area (usually the posterior scalp) & create punches in the beard area to accept them. As with any professional procedure like this, a very small punch is used in this process. Dr. Yazdan, for example, uses one with a 0.7mm diameter, which allows for a dense & even grouping of hairs. Once this is done, the surgeon will then carefully place the follicles into their new homes, and voila! The procedure is completely painless when done correctly, and the transplant area will start looking better within an hour of completion.

The patient from the previous image, one hour after procedure completion.

We mentioned earlier that a consistent & natural look comes under the guidance of a qualified surgeon, and you shouldn’t take those words lightly. We understand that hair restoration is pricey, and cheaper options can certainly be tempting. However, If you allow someone without the proper qualifications & experience to perform the transplant, you’re bound to get left with unnatural results at best, and you can expect an infection or inflammation if you’re not so lucky. Instead of saving money on the first procedure & getting it fixed later, make sure you get it done by someone certified to complete the task.

That’s why Dr. Yazdan performs every beard transplant procedure at Modena Hair Institute’s Newport, Las Vegas & Beverly Hills locations. He’s a licensed physician with years of experience performing FUE & FUT transplants, along with a wide range of other procedures, and he’s even been featured on shows like Dr. Phill & The Doctors to discuss his work.
You can learn more about him & Modena by visiting our website, and you can book your consultation & appointment by contacting us today.

No shave November – tips for keeping your beard professional

Want to participate in no shave November, but have to keep it professional for work? We understand the struggle. It used to be that beards weren’t professional and weren’t allowed as employees at nicer firms, restaurants, or businesses. But in 2017, a lot has changed, and there’s a lot more freedom now when it comes to personal expression in the workplace.
That’s why we’ve created some tips to help you keep your beard prim and proper, so you can keep your professionalism.
Trimming doesn’t count as shaving. While we’re all for indulging in no shave November, trimming is an exception. Trimming your beard will allow you to keep your beard looking nice and tidy, and in turn more professional. There’s just no way to make scraggly hair look professional.
Keep your lines tidy by trimming edges around the cheek and neckline. Keeping these lines straight will keep your beard looking purposeful.
Treat your beard like you treat your hair. If you’re going to be growing your beard as long as (or longer than) your hair, then you should be treating it with the same care. Shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing, and even styling isn’t just for your scalp hair. If you want your beard to look nice then treat it nice. Cleanliness and moisturizing will keep your beard hair look soft and healthy (rather than old and dingy).
Keep your scalp hair neat. Life is about balance and so is the art of no shave November. Don’t over-do it by growing your head hair out as well as your beard hair. Tidiness in your head hair will help you to maintain a professional appearance.