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No shave November – tips for keeping your beard professional

Want to participate in no shave November, but have to keep it professional for work? We understand the struggle. It used to be that beards weren’t professional and weren’t allowed as employees at nicer firms, restaurants, or businesses. But in 2017, a lot has changed, and there’s a lot more freedom now when it comes to personal expression in the workplace.
That’s why we’ve created some tips to help you keep your beard prim and proper, so you can keep your professionalism.
Trimming doesn’t count as shaving. While we’re all for indulging in no shave November, trimming is an exception. Trimming your beard will allow you to keep your beard looking nice and tidy, and in turn more professional. There’s just no way to make scraggly hair look professional.
Keep your lines tidy by trimming edges around the cheek and neckline. Keeping these lines straight will keep your beard looking purposeful.
Treat your beard like you treat your hair. If you’re going to be growing your beard as long as (or longer than) your hair, then you should be treating it with the same care. Shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing, and even styling isn’t just for your scalp hair. If you want your beard to look nice then treat it nice. Cleanliness and moisturizing will keep your beard hair look soft and healthy (rather than old and dingy).
Keep your scalp hair neat. Life is about balance and so is the art of no shave November. Don’t over-do it by growing your head hair out as well as your beard hair. Tidiness in your head hair will help you to maintain a professional appearance.