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What is the right age for hair transplant surgery?

Hair loss can affect those of all ages. Men in particular, commonly see hair loss symptoms as early as their early 20’s. Women on the other hand commonly see hair loss symptoms as early as their late 20’s.
Even though the 20’s seem to be a common age to start seeing hair loss symptoms, we sometimes see patients as early as their late teens.
Those who experience hair loss at a young age are often devastated about their symptoms. While most people accept that hair loss comes with aging, it is not as easy to accept when it comes early and unexpectedly.
Younger patients are often able to notice their hair loss symptoms earlier than older patients. This is good news because catching hair loss early on is the best way to prevent it from continuing.
While there is no age cut-off for hair transplant surgery, it is usually not recommended as a first solution for those who are early in their hair loss progression. This is because it is very likely that the hair loss will continue progressing as the patient ages and hair transplant surgery doesn’t prevent future hair loss.
The only way to prevent future hair loss and maintain the current hair is to utilize medical management. Medical management is an ideal first step for younger patients just beginning to lose hair. They can maintain their current hair, possibly reverse the hair loss they have experienced, and prevent future hair loss. All the while planning for their hair transplant surgery later on down the road.
No matter your age, if you’re experiencing hair loss you should schedule a consult with an experienced hair restoration surgeon as soon as possible. They can address the cause of the hair loss and work with you to find a solution that’s right for you. Give us a call today.