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Medical Management of Hair Loss

What is the medical management of hair loss?
Medical management of hair loss refers to utilizing various methods and tools to maintain your current hair and even potentially re-growing hair for those who are experiencing recent mild hair loss.
While most individuals who are experiencing hair loss are concerned mainly with the areas of hair loss, there’s one very important reason you should be just as concerned with maintaining the areas you still have hair: PREVENTION.
If you’re not actively working to prevent future hair loss, your hair loss will continue and worsen as you age. Dr. Yazdan believes proactively fighting hair loss is the only way to stall the hair loss process and protect the hairs you have now. The best way to do that: medical management.
Medical management methods and tools range from more aggressive methods like PRP therapy and laser therapy, to more prolonged and maintenance-minded methods like prescription medications such as finasteride, topical products such as minoxidil, and shampoos such as nizoral.
The great thing about these medical management tools is that many can be used in conjunction with each other and even with hair transplant surgery. In fact, utilizing multiple methods or adding them to your surgery can increase the efficacy of each method and your overall results tremendously.
But before you can get started, you should first see if you’re a candidate for medical management. While most individuals experiencing hair loss can benefit from medically managing their hair, it won’t help everyone reach their specific goals.
You should meet with an experienced and certified hair restoration surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for medical management and what methods specifically would help you reach your goals.
Here at Modena, in addition to specializing in FUE and FUT/Strip methods of hair transplant surgery, we also specialize in various methods of medically managing hair loss.
If you’d like to learn more, give us a call today.