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Is it possible to get a hair transplant with someone else’s hair as the donor area?

This is actually a rather common question we receive on the message boards. Whether an individual lacks quality donor hair or just doesn’t like the color and texture of their hair, some wonder if they can have hair transplanted that is not their own.
While this may sound like a nice solution to a problem, it unfortunately is not possible. If we were to transplant hair into your scalp that is not your own, it would initiate an immune response that would not only reject the hair but also leave the scalp in a very unpleasant, infected state.
If you are interested in hair transplant surgery, but concerned about the quality of your donor hair area, you may have other areas on your body hair can be extracted from other than that most commonly used back of scalp. Body hair transplants are a viable option for many individuals seeking hair transplantation with an insufficient scalp donor area.
If you are interested in hair transplant surgery because you are not fond of your natural hair or texture, you have not found a proper treatment in hair transplantation. Hair transplant surgery is designed for those suffering from hair loss or for those looking to add hair to an area without (such as lowering the hairline). Hair surgery is not a viable option for those wishing to change their hair’s texture. For this, you will likely need to discuss options with an experienced hair stylist. There are many hair treatments such as keratin therapy that can alter the hair’s textures.
If you are interested in hair transplantation for hair loss, and would like to find out more information, such as if your donor health is sufficient enough for transplantation, give us a call today.