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The Ins & Outs of Laser Hair Therapy

Millions of people around the world are trying to fight back hair loss, and many of the methods they choose end up taking a lot of time and money while giving nothing in return. That doesn’t mean effective solutions aren’t out there, though. In fact, we’ve found one that could very well be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Allow us to introduce you to laser hair therapy.

While it might sound intense on the face, low level laser therapy, often shortened to LLLT, is anything but. As the name suggests, LLLT involves lasers tuned to a specific low frequency. Dispersed across the area of the scalp, these lasers go off in regular intervals that allow them to nourish the cells that hair follicles need to tap into for oxygen & nutrients. Cell metabolism sees major improvement as a result, and the devastating effects of DHT (a hormone strongly connected to hair loss) are weakened in turn. We can understand if you’re initially skeptical about having lasers surround your scalp, but rest assured that this is a completely safe process with no known side effects, even in the case of those using other hair loss products & medications.

This sort of therapy is often done for people who’ve recently completed a FUE or FUT (a.k.a. “strip”) hair transplant & want to speed up post-op recovery. That being said, anyone qualified to receive medical treatment for hair loss would be considered a candidate for low level laser therapy.

“Wow, that sounds fantastic! But I don’t want to have to go to appointments to get it done.”  We understand that better than anyone, and that’s why we’re excited to tell you that starting laser hair treatment on your own terms is as simple as putting on a hat. No, really. Companies like Capillus have come out with laser therapy devices that fit like any old cap, even allowing you to put your favorite cap on over it without any discomfort.

Now, like we said, there are quite a few companies out there making LLLT products like these, but in our opinion, Capillus stands out as the most effective option. They have three different models you can pick up yourself: there’s the Capillus82, which has 82 lasers dispersed around the scalp area, the Capillus202 that has, well, 202, and lastly the CapillusPro, which has 272. They all work to some degree, but it could take you a long time before you start seeing real results. Then there’s the CapillusRX.

What’s different about it, you ask? Well, instead of stopping at 272, the CapillusRX boasts 312 laser diodes distributed around all parts of the scalp. And even though it’s comparatively packed with diodes, it’s just as easy to wear & use as the other three. By putting on for just six minutes a day, you can experience a world of benefits within months of starting treatment. Besides reversing the process of hair loss in general, this laser therapy cap even works if your hair loss is due to hereditary issues. Whether you’re thinning or balding, or dealing with damaged hair, your mane can end up looking fuller & nourished faster than it would with any other device.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t mention it in the previous list, you should note that those are just the models you can get on your own. In case the “RX” in the product name didn’t clue you in, you can only find this particular laser therapy cap though a physician, especially one at a hair restoration clinic. 

Everything that comes with the CapillusRX package.

Well, it just so happens that you can find one of those at Modena Hair Institute in Las Vegas, Newport & Beverly Hills! Dr. Yazdan, a board-certified physician & hair restoration surgeon, has recommended the CapillusRX to many of his patients, and he’s seen nothing but ideal results with regular use. Sure, you can get the standard options sent to your door without dealing with anyone, but that convenience won’t be worth much if you don’t get the best possible results.

Find out if you’re qualified for LLLT & the CapillusRX by reaching out for a consultation today, and be sure to visit our website to learn more about the many ways we can help you restore your hair. 

Does laser therapy for hair loss actually work?

Laser therapy for hair loss involves using red light to promote hair growth, prevent future hair loss, and reverse recent hair loss. Laser therapy can be done in your doctor’s office or at home via special hats, brushes, and combs.
While laser therapy sounds like a great, convenient way to prevent and reverse hair loss, does it actually work?

Because there are so many brands and versions of laser therapy for hair loss and so little market regulation, there are many laser therapy tools that are just plain ineffective.
For example, in order for the red laser light to be effective at promoting hair growth, it needs to be on the scalp for approximately 20-30 minutes at a time. Tools like brushes and combs are not held on the scalp, rather moved and swept throughout the hair. In addition, most people spend less than 5 minutes brushing their hair per day. This is not enough time nor direct scalp contact to be effective.
Because there are so many options and brands available and so little market regulation, it’s difficult to know if the tool you’re buying is even made to work. Just any ol’ red laser light isn’t going to be effective at promoting hair growth. It needs to be the right laser light levels in the right places. A simple google search will pull up over 20 “top” brands for laser therapy on the market today. What’s important to keep an eye out for is FDA approval. Most of the “top” brands are not FDA approved. This means their safety and effectiveness is not researched, proven, or corroborated. Make sure the brand you choose is FDA approved, thoroughly researched, and recommended by hair restoration surgeons.
Here at Modena, our favorite laser therapy method for hair loss is Capillus laser caps. Capillus is the only FDA approved laser hair cap on the market. It’s easy to use and effective when used consistently. Capillus has no known side effects and has a high success rate. Best of all, its 100% portable.
If you’d like to learn more about Capillus and laser therapy for hair loss, and see if you’re a candidate for this hair loss treatment, give us a call today for a free consultation.