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Wish you had a beard for the holiday season?

Now you can have one!
Hair transplants aren’t just for your head anymore. Hair transplants can give you hair anywhere you need or want it – like on your face.
Recent trends over the past 10 years have been in favor of thicker, fuller brows, and a thicker, fuller beard. Unfortunately, we weren’t all gifted with ample facial hair. Thankfully, advancements in hair transplantation have met the demands of the people. And as a result, facial hair transplants such as beard and eyebrow transplants are on the rise.
Facial hair transplants are very similar to scalp transplants. They involve extracting grafts from a donor area (such as the back of the scalp), and transplanting them into the desired area. Extractions can be done via the FUE or FUT/Strip methods.
Because eyebrows are a smaller area, they typically only require a small amount of grafts, around 300-500. Beards can vary quite a bit due to the patient’s desired size, shape, and coverage. For example, some patients look to fill in patchy areas and add density, while others are looking to build a beard from scratch. Beard graft quotes typically range from 500-1500.
Just like scalp hair transplants, beard and eyebrow transplants are your own natural hair, growing in naturally on your face. Your brows and beard will look natural because they are. No more temporary or permanent make up tricks.
Get the look you desire. If you’re interested in learning more about facial hair transplants and finding out if you’re a candidate for this game-changing procedure, give us a call today.