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Hair growth in scar tissue

Many people who have had injuries on their scalp or face find that there is a lack of hair growth where the scar resides. But, why is that?
The scalp is similar to the skin in that it is made up of layers of dermis. When the tissue is damaged as a result of a trauma, the underlying hair follicles that reside in the tissue endure damage as well. This is why individuals who have scars on their scalp often complain of a lack of hair growth in that area.
Over time, as the tissue heals and repairs itself, we can sometimes see new hair growth in the scarred area in some patients. But, this process can takes years, if it happens at all. Unfortunately, what usually happens is the scarred area is left with no hair, which can highly affect the overall appearance of our hair and beard.
This can be particularly upsetting to individuals with large and apparent scars. These scars can be a result of a fall, a poorly done weave, or even an FUT strip hair transplant procedure. The scar is made more obvious due to the absence of hair in that area.
The important thing to keep in mind is that every body heals differently. Some individuals may be prone to deep scar tissue and keloids, while others rarely scar. Additionally, various factors can play a role in the healing process such as the depth and severity of the scar tissue.
Thankfully, there are options for those who are suffering from scar tissue on the scalp or beard. A hair transplant procedure known as scar revision surgery involves transplanting hair follicles into the scarred area. The newly transplanted follicles grow in the scar tissue, coming in naturally and covering the visibility of the scar.
Here at Modena, we’ve seen great results with scar repair surgery. If you’d like to learn more about this procedure, give us a call.