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How a Hair Transplant Can Help Restore Your Confidence

It’s no secret that a person’s confidence is oftentimes tied to the state of their hair. Many people who end up experiencing hair loss take their hair for granted while they’ve got it, but many of them feel their self-esteem quickly drop once it starts disappearing. Suddenly they don’t feel as youthful as they used to, and they’re not as willing to show off what they’ve got up top. When they don’t look the way they want to, the discomfort they feel in their own skin can affect many other aspects of their life. It’s for that reason many feel a solution to hair loss is about far more than looks.

Cosmetic surgeries have been an accepted & regular part of people’s lives the world over, and hair restoration surgery is certainly no exception. Famous people of all stripes have had transplants done, with Elton John’s being the most notable, and Cristiano Ronaldo even started his own clinic recently (which we’ve discussed in a previous blog post).

As people have seen stars improve their own look, they’ve begun to search out that sort of improvement for themselves. While many have found their way to professional clinics run by experienced hair restoration surgeons, such as Modena Hair Institute in Las Vegas, Beverly Hills & Newport, many others have fallen for the temptation of cheap clinics. As we’ve talked about on this blog before, these clinics often have inexperienced & un-knowledgeable people performing procedures, and all they have to offer you is a damaged scalp & torn-down self-esteem.

We at Modena don’t want to see that happen to anyone. That’s why we dedicate our time & focus to offering our patients world-class care & the best results possible. There are a few ways we’ve optimized our process, but it all comes down to one thing: professionalism.

For one, whether you’re receiving an FUE or FUT transplant at Modena, Dr. Yazdan will be the only one performing the procedure. To give his patients the attention needed to complete a successful transplant, he limits himself to performing one procedure a day. Furthermore, he utilizes his years of experience as a physician & hair restoration surgeon, along with his wide range of specialized tools, to give his patients the most natural & healthy results possible.

When patients can enjoy a natural-looking full head of hair & a healthy scalp, one thing is sure to follow: a major confidence boost. Some might say it’s vain to place that much importance on hair, but there’s little else in the world that feels better than looking in the mirror & feeling 10 or 20 years younger. Sometimes that boost in self-esteem is all someone needs to reach out to the world around them, meet new people, and take their life into their own hands. Whether you’re just thinning out a little bit or well into the balding process, getting an FUE or FUT procedure done by an experienced professional can make all the difference in the world for your self-image. Once you get your hair back & regain control over your look, you’ll be that much closer to becoming your most confident self.

Don’t believe us? Ask one of our many patients who have given testimonials about their transplants. As Ming L. of Newport put it, “At the very least, [Dr. Yazdan’s] work is boosting someone’s confidence and self-esteem, and perhaps allowing someone to hold on to their youth a little while longer. At most, your work is saving someone’s life who was disfigured at the hands of an unethical doctor who didn’t think that a hair transplant was ‘all that big of a deal’.” Kevin F. of Las Vegas was similarly happy with Dr. Yazdan’s work, reflecting on his transplant just six days before & saying, “I look a few years younger already.”

To find out more about how Modena Hair Institute can help you restore your hairline & regain your confidence, visit our website and get in touch with us to schedule a consultation! We’re based in Southern California & Nevada, but we accept patients from all around the world. In fact, we even offer reimbursement packages for those who have to travel more than 50 miles to visit us! You can find out more details about that here.

Baldness: what do your hair genetics say about you?

Our hair dictates a major portion of our appearance. No hair, full head of hair, thinning hair, curly hair, straight hair, dark hair, light hair – hair can change your look completely.
But can your hair change more about you than just your appearance? Like say, how you’re perceived by others? According to some new studies out of the University of Pennsylvania, it can.
These new studies researched the connection between the presence or absence of hair and how dominant individuals were perceived to be. Across the board, both men and women consistently rated bald men as more dominant than their hairier counterparts. Even going as far to perceive the men as stronger and taller.
Sound to be good to true? The same men and women who rated the bald men more dominant, taller, and stronger, also rater the bald men as less-attractive and older-looking overall. Darn. It seems balding men just can’t catch a break.
So, what have we learned? The presence or absence of hair greatly effects your appearance. It also effects how dominant and attractive others perceive you to be.
The take home? Ultimately, dominance and attractiveness are about being comfortable in one’s own skin. There are plenty of dominant full-haired men as well as plenty of attractive bald men. It’s all about your confidence.
If your baldness if weighing down on your confidence and self-esteem, you may want to consider your options. There are surgical and non-surgical options for restoring your hair and bringing back your confidence.
Give us a call today.

Men: Restore your hair – Restore your confidence

According to recent research by Psychology Today, hair loss is a major concern for the majority of men. Even though the study showed that almost 90% of women didn’t care about hair loss in men, men estimated over 50% of women wouldn’t find a balding man attractive.
This same study found that overall, men are more concerned with losing their hair than losing their sanity. Considering the seriousness of mental illness, this statement allows us to see just how important and relevant hair loss is to men today.
Most men develop their confidence and self-esteem in their early 20’s, when most men happen to still have a full head of hair. As men age and lose their hair, that confidence plummets.
The tricky thing with confidence is that its about being comfortable in your own skin. Regardless of the issue, not feeling comfortable or like yourself can wreak havoc on your self-esteem.
Our hair plays a big role in our overall appearance. If you look at two pictures of an individual one with hair and one without, they would hardly look like the same person. A full head of hair equals youth, health, and confidence.
Interestingly enough, it’s been found that just attempting to do something to resolve hair loss positively effects self-esteem and confidence.
Luckily, thanks to advancements in hair restoration, there are many options available to help men restore their hair and in turn, restore their confidence.
Here at Modena, we specialize in the medical management of hair loss, alternative methods to re-growing hair, as well as FUE and FUT/Strip methods of hair transplant surgery. If your hair loss has caused your confidence to dip, do something about it today and schedule a hair loss consultation. The road to restoring your confidence is closer than you think.