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The top 5 hair trends for women this Fall 2017

As the seasons go by, so do the hair styles. And while there are some styles that will always be ‘in,’ like beach waves, loose up-do’s, the messy lob, and voluminous cuts, sometimes a girl just wants to shake things up. It can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends, but luckily, we’ve done all the work for you so you don’t have to.
If you’re ready to try something new, you’ve got to consider these 5 styles that are having their moment right now: the highlight, the chop, warm caramel/copper hues, fringe, and the bob. Below, we break down the pros to these styles, how to describe them to your stylist, and how to rock them.
Highlights. While there’s many techniques of highlighting hair to add dimension, this trend is centered around deliberate and in your face (literally) color. Highlights in Fall 2017 are more centered around the face, in a technique known as face framing. Bonus: this trend leaves more of your natural hair color which means less damage.
The chop. This trend requires a love of geometric shapes. These cuts are blunt and graphic. They can range in lengths and compliment your face’s features in a unique way. Ask your stylist about the best shape and length for your face. Bonus: this trend works for bangs too.
Warm hues. Warm caramel, blonde, and copper tones always make an appearance come Fall time. And we’re not complaining. This trend has easy maintenance, and an easy grow out, meaning less work for you. It can give you a sun-kissed look while being festive for the changing seasons. Make sure your stylist picks a color complimentary to your skin tone.
Fringe. Fringe or curtain fringe is having a big moment right now. This trend can be applied to bangs or to face framing. This look is loose, relaxed, and chic. The bangs blend perfectly into your layers so you can have bangs without the big commitment. This trend is tailored perfect to your hair’s unique texture.
The bob. While this isn’t a ‘new’ trend, its one that we just can’t get enough of. This cut is flexible and universal; it can be molded to your face shape, hair texture, and desired length. It’s the perfect cut you just can’t go wrong with this season.

How often should you cut your hair

Many individuals wonder exactly how far they should go in between haircuts. While it may be easy for men to determine when they need a cut (shorter hair shows unruliness quicker), it’s not as easy for women or those with longer hair. And while men may be able to slip quickly into the barber shop, women often need to know far in advance (before they need the cut) in order to get booked with their stylist. So, how do you determine how often should you cut your hair?
If you ask your stylist, they’ll likely say ‘it depends.’ While this is true information, it doesn’t do much in the way of helping you pre-book an appointment. What ‘it depends’ on is hair goals, length of hair, hair growth rate, and health of hair. Typical time in between cuts ranges from 4-16 weeks. Below we break down some of the factors that influence time between cuts so you can determine the best frequency for you.
Hair goals – if your goal is to grow your hair, you’ll want to go longer in between cuts. This will allow your hair more time to grow in between cuts. But don’t neglect the cuts completely! Your hair needs to be in prime health to grow as it should.
Hair growth – if your hair grows quickly, you’ll need to get it cut more often. If it grows slowly, you can get away with more time in between cuts. Get to know your hair and experiment with different times in between cuts to determine the best for you.
Hair health – if you’re in the process of bringing your damaged hair back to life, you’ll need cuts more often. Its imperative for you to keep those dead and damaged ends to a minimum, as leaving them can spread them up the hair strand. Utilize conditioning treatments in between cuts to help keep your hair in prime health.

Do regular trims really help grow hair length?

If you’ve wondered this – you’re not alone. Many individuals choose to forego their hair cut, especially those who are attached to their precious locks. We decided to look into the science behind regular hair trims and find some proof for the claim that trims equal longer, healthier hair.
What we found is that while it may sound counter-intuitive to cut hair in order for it to grow longer, regular trims do in fact give you healthier, longer hair. They do this by eliminating and avoiding split-ends, boosting hair health and growth, and giving the hair a better appearance.
Split-ends occur when the outer layer of the hair, the hair cuticle, becomes damaged and breaks off. As the hair grows longer, the hair strand continues to split, damaging the hair higher up the strand. Despite many hair product’s claims to cure split-ends, there is no cure or proven prevention other than regular trims. Regular trims will keep split-ends at bay, keeping hair looking and feeling great.
Hair growth
While it’s true that hair grows from the root, you won’t get the long hair you desire when your hair is continually becoming damaged and breaking off. When hair strands are strong and healthy, they are allowed to grow longer, rather than breaking off due to the split-ends. This is how those regular trims contribute to longer hair growth.
Hair health
Regular trims will without a doubt help you maintain the health of your hair. And healthy hair means a better look and feel.
Let us know how you keep your hair healthy below!