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Do regular trims really help grow hair length?

If you’ve wondered this – you’re not alone. Many individuals choose to forego their hair cut, especially those who are attached to their precious locks. We decided to look into the science behind regular hair trims and find some proof for the claim that trims equal longer, healthier hair.
What we found is that while it may sound counter-intuitive to cut hair in order for it to grow longer, regular trims do in fact give you healthier, longer hair. They do this by eliminating and avoiding split-ends, boosting hair health and growth, and giving the hair a better appearance.
Split-ends occur when the outer layer of the hair, the hair cuticle, becomes damaged and breaks off. As the hair grows longer, the hair strand continues to split, damaging the hair higher up the strand. Despite many hair product’s claims to cure split-ends, there is no cure or proven prevention other than regular trims. Regular trims will keep split-ends at bay, keeping hair looking and feeling great.
Hair growth
While it’s true that hair grows from the root, you won’t get the long hair you desire when your hair is continually becoming damaged and breaking off. When hair strands are strong and healthy, they are allowed to grow longer, rather than breaking off due to the split-ends. This is how those regular trims contribute to longer hair growth.
Hair health
Regular trims will without a doubt help you maintain the health of your hair. And healthy hair means a better look and feel.
Let us know how you keep your hair healthy below!

Wish you had fuller, thicker, longer hair?

Us too. Unfortunately, we were all gifted our specific hair type at birth. This was a trait passed down genetically by our parents. Whether you have curly, thick, long, voluminous hair or thin, short, fine hair, we each have the type of hair we have.
If you’ve found this page through an internet search, it’s no surprise to you there are endless hair growth options out there. From simple home remedies to over the counter products, to vitamins, to more aggressive approaches like PRP or laser therapy, it seems there’s a new hair growth option every week.
While these methods may effectively work to promote hair growth, they won’t give you thick, full hair when you’ve had thin, fine hair your whole life. These products work to stimulate more growth, not to change your hair’s inherent chemical composition.
Bummer, isn’t it? Well, while changing the nature of your hair isn’t in your control, changing how you style it is.
Thanks to hair enthusiasts and stylists from all around the world, we’ve compiled a handy how-to for how to make your hair appear longer, thicker, and more voluminous.

  • Part it
    • A part down the middle gives the appearance of longer hair.
  • Style it
    • Blow dry your hair upside down, using a round brush and focusing on the roots. This lifts hair up, giving it more volume once dried.
    • When styling, go for the messy look by tousling and teasing the hair.
    • Wear hair in a messy bun or layered ponytail.
  • Use volumizing products
    • Mousse and other after-shower products help add texture which makes hair more volumized once fully dried.
  • Use color to your advantage
    • Highlights added to just the right areas of the hair give the appearance of a full, thick head of hair.
    • Dark hair color gives the illusion of thicker, longer hair.
  • Add layers
    • Layers can be added using razor cut or step cut techniques.
    • Layers are very flattering for many different face shapes. They add sophistication to your hair cut.
    • Try side-bangs. They provide height and volume in the front of the hair.