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FUE & Body Repair – 65 Yr Old Patient

A new entry has just been added to Modena’s male hair loss success stories!

Diagnosis: FUE transplant & Body Repair – Age: 65 – Sex: Male

Dr. Amir Yazdan performed a highly sensitive FUE hair transplant and body repair on the 65 year old male patient. The procedure was done exclusively by the hand of Dr. Yazdan, assistants were nearby to keep grafts healthy and orderly. No technicians or assistants are ever allowed to perform any work on the patient – this is one of the hallmarks of a true hair transplant clinic. 

Patient had arrived at Modena Hair Institute more than a year ago with a poorly performed punch surgery and lots of scarring. He had also received scalp micro pigmentation work which turned blue. A notorious problem among inexperience or purely cosmetic clinics, SMP pigments can turn blue if it is too dark and the wrong pigments are used.  At Modena we take great care in the way we create and apply our pigments so as to eliminate all risk of future decomposure.

Dr. Yazdan used beard and chest hair to:

  1. Reconstruct the gentleman’s hairline
  2. Hide plug grafts
  3. Add more density
  4. Cover up the blue micropigmentation


Eyebrow Hair Restoration Case Study

A new entry has just been added to Modena’s male hair loss success stories!

Diagnosis: FUE transplant – Age: 38 – Sex: Male

Here are the exceptional results of Dr. Yazdan’s work on a patient suffering from scarred eyebrows due to an accident. Loss of eyebrow hair can be associated with aging and an easy way to rejuvenate one’s appearance is to focus on restoring thinning brows.

As in our more commonly performed scalp procedures the patient was sucessfully treated with follicular unit extraction (FUE) a surgical technique which involves harvesting groups of 1 to 4 hairs, called follicular units from the patient’s own body from a site known as the ‘donor area.’ Dr. Yazdan’s skill can be particularly noted in his restoration of the large gap which had formed at the outer end of the patient’s eyebrow.

The impressive aesthetic results have given another satisfied patient a more youthful appearance as well as improved facial symmetry. 


FUE transplant – Age: 29 – Sex: Male – Grafts: 2,032

A new entry has just been added to Modena’s male hair loss success stories!

Diagnosis: FUE transplant – Age: 29 – Sex: Male – Grafts: 2,032

Hair transplant surgery is both a science and an art. FUE and FUT procedures must be performed by a qualified professional with extensive and specialized clinical experience. This unfortunate patient, a 29 year old male, received a less than satisfactory FUE transplant in Mexico that left him with a thin, uneven hairline. Fortunately he came to Dr. Yazdan for a second diagnosis.

Dr. Yazdan’s years of hair restoration and repair experience made fixing this patient’s botched hairline an easy task. With 2,032 of FUE grafts Dr. Yazdan skillfully filled in the uneven hairline to craft the natural looking and symmetrical results our patient always wanted. 

34 yr old male FUE – Filling in Hairline – 1517 Grafts

A new entry has just been added to Modena’s male hair loss success stories!

Diagnosis: FUT transplant – Age: 34 – Sex: Male – Grafts: 1,517

In another outstanding demonstration of Dr. Yazdan’s fine craftsmanship we have the case of a 34 year old male with a receding hairline filled out by FUE. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a hair transplant technique in which individual hair follicles are harvested and strategically placed in areas of the scalp that are thinning or balding.

In this fine example Dr. Yazdan addressed our patient’s thinning hairline by filling out the front of his scalp using 1517 carefully and artistically placed grafts.

The patient’s greatly improved appearance is due to in equal measure to Dr. Yazdan’s skill and the refinement of today’s hair restoration methods.

35 yr old male FUT – 3,028 grafts

A new entry has just been added to Modena’s male hair loss success stories!

Diagnosis: FUT transplant – Age: 35 – Sex: Male – Grafts: 3,028

Dr. Yazdan’s fine artistry is demonstrated by the dramatic transformation which these before/after pictures bear witness to. The patient, a 35 year old male, was suffering from noticeable thinning on the top of his scalp and a receding hairline.

FUT involves the removal and transplantation of individual hair follicles from a strip of scalp, the procedure is easily performed under local anesthesia. In this case our patient’s appearance was strikingly improved by Dr. Yazdan’s 3,028 grafts of FUT artistically applied so as to volumize thinning areas of the scalp and restore our patient’s hairline to its former luster. The pictures speak for themselves!

Hairline restoration surgery

A receding hairline is one of the most common types of hair loss, especially for men. A receding hairline can be very alarming and disappointing for many, as unlike other types of hair loss (crown balding, diffuse thinning), a receding hairline is extremely noticeable.
A receding hairline is usually one of the first signs of hair loss. To make matters worse, it can prematurely age you. One major factor in a youthful appearance is a full, healthy, natural looking hairline. And while many hair-care products tote claims of restoring hair to its previous glory, they are typically not strong enough to make any real difference.
One viable and effective options for those suffering from a receding hairline is hairline restoration surgery. Hairline restoration is a type of hair transplant surgery that involves extracting grafts from a quality donor area (usually the back of the scalp) and placing them in a natural formation in the hairline.
Hairline restoration surgery restores the appearance of the hairline in a natural way. Unlike hair plugs, which have an abrupt, thick, dense start, and give a noticeable appearance of fake hair, hairline restoration grafts are placed in such a way that mimics the natural growth of your hairline. Hair follicles come in different sizes (containing 1 hair, 2, 3, or 4). Our natural hairline has 1’s in the forefront, followed by 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s. Because hair transplantation involves your own hair being hand selected and placed, the surgeon is able to give you a natural hairline restoration that no one will notice you had a procedure done. You’ll have your old hairline back!
If you are experiencing a receding hairline and would like to explore your surgical options, give us a call today!