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Jamaal’s Celebrity Hair Transplant (Case Study)

hair transplant thinning

An architectural designer who frequented celebrity parties with stars such as Bill Maher and Lady Gaga has told us how he overcame crippling low self-esteem with a hair transplant at Modena Hair Institute with our double board certified Dr. Amir Yazdan.

Jamaal spent his working life mixing with top designers and musicians who graced the pages of the Los Angeles Times. But behind the party smiles he was a hiding a secret agony over his thinning hair which he disguised with a hat in many of his most public photos.

The bald patch around his crown grew so much he was jokingly called ‘Big Red’ by friends at work where he was under pressure to stay looking young. Jamaal, 44, turned his life around with the a hair transplant procedure from a doctor he trusted with heart. Jamaal knew two friends who Dr. Yazdan helped with personalized hair restoration options.

Jamaal had about 2,000 hairs transplanted into the temples at the side of his scalp, his hairline and right across his bald crown. With the transplanted hair now fully grown back, he now has a full head of hair again and says: “It’s been an absolute life changer. I look eight years younger.” 

Jamaal explained: “I turned 40 and I had recently went through a divorce. I was in a job that put me in alot of exclusive social situations, where I was mixing with stars and business magnates and there was a pressure on me to look good, but I was losing my hair fast and having to wear a hat all the time to cover up my baldness. 

“I guess you could say I was having a mid-life crisis. I didn’t realize at the time just how much my baldness was contributing to my lack of self-confidence but I knew it was a factor. I was partying with all these A-list stars while worrying about my thinning hair.”

I knew I needed to do something drastic to kick-start my life and I had hair transplanted to all my bald spots by Dr. Yazdan. “It has been amazing watching the new hair grow back over the last year and now I finally have a full head of hair again.” 

“I can go out and meet my favorite friends and coworkers without wearing a hat,” he joked. “In fact, I do need to wear a hat when I’m walking my dog because my hair is so big and it helps to keep it all in one place!” 

Jamaal had a follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure with Dr. Yazdan at Modena Hair Institute in Beverly Hills.

Hair grafts are taken from the back and side of the scalp and replanted in the balding areas by a highly skilled and experienced specialist like Dr. Yazdan. The advantage of this method is the scarring is minimal with patients having some red pin pricks from where the hair is extracted and replanted which go away after a few days. Jamaal said: “I was worried about the pain but the operation was fine. I was joking with staff while watching TV on the monitors at the clinic!”

“The new hair grew back gradually over the year and by the end of it I had the full head of hair I hadn’t had since I was a teenager. “I didn’t realize just how much I was lacking in confidence till I had hair again and I felt so much better.” 

Jamaal, from Boston, Massachusetts, had first started losing his hair in his early 20s – first from his hairline and then his crown – just as he embarking on a career in architecture. 

He was a big success at work and eight years ago landed his dream job as editor of one of Los Angeles’ largest firms.

“The only solution for my aging look and wispy hair was having a transplant and I am so glad that I did. The techniques have improved so much and the transplanted hair blends naturally with your existing hair. The new transplanted hair will last for the rest of my life.” 

Our own Dr. Yazdan has seen a 25% rise in patients at Modena Hair Institute – in part due to the lack of stigma associated with hair loss. Increasing numbers of young men following their favorite stars who have had hair transplants in the past.

Dr. Yazdan said: “Jamaal has got a great result and it is especially satisfying to hear how his new hair has boosted his self-confidence. It’s no exaggeration to say that a hair transplant can completely transform your life. We see it everyday.”

Joe Rogan Hair Transplant. What Went Wrong?

Perhaps the most famous podcast host in America (and the world), Joe Rogan is a UFC commentator, comedian and talk show personality.

You may have heard or seen him talk about his past experiences with hair transplantation, and how they famously did little to help him with his hair loss.

joe rogan hair transplant

At first blush, one might simply assume that for some people hair transplants work, while for others they don’t. That it’s simply up to nature and to fate.

Wrong! In fact, hair transplants always ‘work’, regardless of the patient – they are surgically implanted hairs, so will almost never fall out. 

  • Over 90% of transplanted follicles survive in hair transplants if done properly 
  • Personal satisfaction nearly doubles in men who have recently had a hair transplant   
  • Hair Transplants are permanent unlike other hair stimulation therapies/treatments 

But the question is not whether new hairs can be successfully planted into your thinning hairline, but whether those hairs will recreate a youthful and aesthetically pleasing hairline.

This is where the art and science of hair transplantation begins. It’s not a simple matter of plug and play.

joe rogan hair loss

The operating doctor must study your hair loss patterns, age, genetic history, vitamin cycles and more to determine what the best hair restoration strategy for you will be.

In the video below, Joe directly speaks on his poor experience with hair restoration techniques (keep in mind this is more than 20 years ago) for the very correct reason that the it did not anticipate his increasing hair loss in the future.

Joe Rogan had his first hair transplant in his late 20s, and would be moving rapidly along the Norwood scale over the 10 to 20 years. The hair transplant doctor he used should have explained to him in no uncertain terms that 1) Given his thin, wispy hair and 2) Advancement on the Norwood scale, a different course of treatment would have suited him much better.

But that is not how so many hair restoration consultations are conducted, to the great detriment of many patients.

Many transplant doctors will knowingly fast track a patient into the operating room on the hope and promise of a new hairline, without cautioning them about future hair loss.