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Claire’s New Eyebrows (Case Study)

eyebrow hair transplant
Before and after patient photo of an Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Claire’s Testimony: I contacted Modena Hair Institute because I was so distressed about the way I looked. I had plucked my eyebrows from an early age and unfortunately, they hadn’t grown back. I had blonde eyelashes and barely any eyebrows. I had no confidence or self esteem and always felt ugly compared to everyone else. I felt I didn’t have a face, just lots of skin. I was also allergic to make up which made the situation even worse.  

I made myself get up and make an initial consultation with Modena. Although I was struggling with my image, I was obsessively dreaming about how I would look with new and natural looking eyebrows. Would they be too dark and masculine looking? How painful was the procedure? What if it didn’t work for me and I looked even worse after the surgery?  

That is when my husband and I sat with Dr. Amir Yazdan and discussed the procedure, why I wanted it and how many grafts he thought I would need. As well as the design and expected aesthetic result. I was thrilled and excited.

The aim of the procedure was to produce natural-looking eyebrows by removing hair from the back of my head and then grafting it into an eyebrow shape above my eyes. This is known as follicular unit extraction (FUE), which is now the gold standard of hair transplantation.

The procedure itself was fast, about three hours, and was not bothered in the least. I also did not experience any complications afterwards.  

Dr. Yazdan escorted me back to my room after surgery and ensured I was comfortable and explained what to expect over the next few weeks. I was given a spray that I had to spray on my eyebrows on a daily basis. He also gave me a care package and recommended dietary and sleep habits that would help calm and relax me.

Overall, I feel like I earned a new face. It’s been that important to me!

A Quick Guide to Eyebrow Transplants

Until eyebrow care became trendy a few years back, it’s safe to say that many people took theirs for granted, thinking that they’d just stick around forever. And that makes sense, given that eyebrow hair loss isn’t as common as thinning hair around the scalp & beard areas. An eyebrow transplant has become the new way to forever fix facial aesthetics. That being said, there are plenty of people that suffer from thinning eyebrows, and if you’re one of those people, you know just how much it can affect your life.

Besides having to come to terms with painted eyebrows as part of your image, you’ll have to accept them as part of your routine. One woman who was featured on the hit cable show The Doctors discussed her routine, saying it takes an hour out of her day to make her eyebrows appear natural. If that seems like a long time already, think about how it adds up over the years. There has to be another way, right? Turns out, there is! An eyebrow transplant is permanent and simply refreshing.

You might have heard of how FUE and FUT hair transplants (both of which we perform at Modena Hair Institute in Las Vegas, Beverly Hills & Newport) have saved countless people’s hairlines. However, did you know those same technologies can be put to use fixing your eyebrows?

Eyebrow transplant procedures utilize both the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method (when fewer grafts being placed), and the FUT method, also known as either follicular unit transplantation or the “strip” method, when there are more than 2-3,000 grafts.

In brief, during this type of FUE procedure, the hair restoration surgeon will first use an incisional blade to create densely grouped incisions using an outline of your ideal brow shape. From there, they’ll extract donor follicles from the posterior scalp (perhaps the chest or back if the posterior scalp isn’t fit for donation), and conclude the procedure by placing them in the transplant area. When the procedure is performed properly, you can expect your full results to appear around six months after it’s all said & done.

We understand this can be a costly procedure, even when the area being worked on is relatively small, but we feel the need to stress that you get what you pay for with a procedure like this. Sure, there are clinics out there that offer their services for relatively dirt cheap, but it’s very unlikely they’ll have an actual physician working on you, and the likelihood of unnatural results & infection can skyrocket. That’s why you need to make sure you have someone with the proper experience & training performing your entire procedure.

We don’t offer anything less at Modena. Dr. Yazdan, a licensed board certified physician, who has had years upon years of experience as a hair restoration surgeon. He makes sure that your hair is in trained & qualified hands, rather than those of assistants, throughout the procedure.

So what else needs to be said? If your eyebrows have been suffering & you’re ready to make a change, the answer to your problems is just a call away. Be sure to visit our website to learn more about what we offer, and reach out to schedule your consultation today!