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Drug-Induced: Is Your Medications Causing You Hair Loss?

Medications are designed to treat a wide range of health conditions, but sometimes they can have unwarranted side effects including changes in our hair. Changes in hair color, texture and you guessed it…even hair loss! Medication-induced hair loss, just like any other form of hair loss, can have a profound influence on men and women’s self-esteem. The good news is – once the medication is stopped, your hair loss most likely can be reversed. Now for the unwelcome news – many of us must take these medications to treat a more fundamental problem (i.e. thyroid problem) creating a vicious cycle of problems and frustration.
So, what do you do? While we don’t recommend you tossing your meds in the trash to save your hair, At Modena Hair Restoration, we would first suggest seeing your doctor who prescribed the medication and ask if there is an alternative without the pesky and unruly side effect of hair loss. If not, you’ll have to find treatments to supplement this bothersome side effect.
Drugs can induce a wide spectrum of hair loss ranging from barely detectable hair loss to irreversible baldness. This is caused by interrupting the normal cycle of hair growth. It’s important to understand the 3 diverse cycles:

  1. Anagen phase – 90% of your hair is in this phase for 2-5 years, the hair grows. This is considered the “active growth” phase.
  2. Catagen phase – which lasts 2-3 weeks, the hair is preparing itself for the final phase of Telogen. This is also known as the “transitional” phase.
  3. Telogen phase – which last about 3 months, the hair rests, older hairs are shed and then replaced by new hairs. This is also known as the “resting” phase.

Medications can lead to two specific types of hair loss:
Telogen Effluvium – being the most common type of medication-induced hair loss, usually appears a few months after starting the medication. This causes the hair follicles to go into their state of rest (Telogen) and fall out prematurely.
Anagen Effluvium – this type of hair loss occurs in the Anagen phase of our hair growth cycle when the hairs are actively growing. It prevents the matrix cells (which assist in producing new hairs) from dividing in a normal fashion. This is a more severe form of hair loss that is mostly seen in patients taking chemotherapy drugs causing them to lose most-if not all the hairs on their head and can even affect the eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair.
Culpable Medications known to cause hair loss:

  • Acne medication (retinol in acne medications)
  • Antibiotics and antifungal medications
  • Antidepressants
  • Oral Contraceptives
  • Anticoagulants or “blood thinners”
  • Immunosuppressant medications

Possible Treatments (dependent on the type of hair loss):

At Modena Hair Restoration, Dr. Yazdan prevents and treats hair loss caused by medications with a custom medical management regimen to fit patients specific needs. By visiting with a reputable specialist alike Dr. Yazdan early, you can make a plan of attack for prevention and treatment. While hair loss may still occur, your preemptive approach can considerably lessen the overall impact.

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Hair Loss: Importance of Seeing a Hair Restoration Physician

When you first begin to notice hair loss, it can be tempting to rush to your Primary Care Physician right away to consult them. From there, you might find that you are referred to a dermatologist or even an endocrinologist – but this isn’t always the right course of action for you, or your hair.
There are so many subdivisions in hair restoration surgery that it is incredibly important to see a doctor who specializes in the field, not one who carries out several types of cosmetic procedures with “hair restoration” being one of them.
If it makes you feel more comfortable and at ease, by all means – start with your Primary Care doctor. However, I urge you not to stop here and to seek the help of a hair loss specialist.
Why NOT to go to a Dermatologist:
Dermatologists are often the first “port of call” if you will and come after your PCP – this is generally where a PCP will refer us.
While it can be enticing to think that you are in excellent hands with a dermatologist, this can frequently be misleading. Dermatologists are experts in their field, habitually, but this is often times not hair. For this reason, not all Dermatologist are ‘up-to-date’ with the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of your hair loss. There are endless amounts of hair loss vitamins and pills promising to regrow your hair and make it thicker – but a hair loss specialist will be able to give you the best advice that is tailored to you and your specific needs.
There are many distinct causes of hair loss, so making sure that you are getting the correct treatment for your type of hair loss is paramount.
Why NOT to go to an Endocrinologist:
Endocrinologists are often another customary referral we get from our General Practitioner. Endocrinologists specialize in working with your endocrine structure – the system culpable for hormones and illnesses that result from hormonal imbalances we tend to get from time to time.
While hormonal imbalances are known to cause hair loss – making it probable to see this type of specialist, there are also countless diversified types of hair loss that are not caused by a hormonal imbalance. Therefore, it is critical to see a hair loss specialist – to ensure that you are getting a correct and current report.
Why See a Hair Loss Specialist:
The first step in treating any medical problem is assessment and diagnosis. After all, only with a proper diagnosis in place can an adequate treatment method be recommended.
Using your medical history provided, as well as the physical assessment performed at a clinic, a leading hair loss specialist alike Dr. Yazdan can exhibit a better understanding of your hair loss and thinning. At Modena Hair Institute, Dr. Yazdan can offer you insight into the cause of your hair loss, as well as the likely outcomes should treatment be delayed.
Sometimes, hair loss can be a sign of a larger health issue or an underlying condition. In these cases, Dr. Yazdan will be able to 1) recognize this and 2) refer you to the right medical professional for further testing.
A few things Dr. Yazdan would be looking for include:

  • Dryness and/or scaling
  • Scarring
  • Noticeable patterns of loss
  • Hair follicle irritation/inflammation
  • Low-quality hair texture
  • Signs of infections (fungal or bacterial)
  • Signs of dandruff/seborrheic dermatitis
  • Excess sebum production

How to Prepare for Your Appointment
To get the most from your appointment, I recommend you plan ahead. Here are a few tips to get you started on your preparations:

  • Avoid styling your hair prior to your appointment
  • Avoid the use of hair products such as conditioners, gels, hair sprays, serums etc.
  • Jot down any questions or concerns and bring them with you
  • Bring any relevant health paperwork such as lab results

Not only will some of these preparations make the process transparent, but they can also lend themselves to improved assessment and diagnosis. While hair loss can be a devastating experience, the right professionals can help. Through a thorough evaluation and diagnosis, you can then move forward with the appropriate treatment and regain your hair and your life back!

Just as with anything in life, experience is imperative. It is important to seek a professional who specializes in hair restoration exclusively, as well as to meet personally with your physician of choice and have an in-person evaluation suited for your specific needs.
By visiting with a specialist early, you can make a plan of attack for prevention and treatment. While hair loss may still occur, your preemptive approach can considerably lessen the overall impact.

For questions or to schedule a consultation, call one of our offices conveniently located in Irvine, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas at 888-717-5273 or contact via our website at contact Modena Hair Link