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Male Hair Loss Success Story: “I considered having hair loss treatment for years but always felt unsure about whether it would work”

Diagnosis: Male Pattern Hair Loss – Age: 36 – Sex: Male

“I considered having hair loss treatment for years but always felt unsure about whether it would work, but after just 3 months I was over the moon with the progress and the regrowth! Simply amazing! Thank you Dr. Yazdan and team.”

In the following presentation, Dr. Amir Yazdan documents the results of a 36-year-old male undergoing an FUE hair transplantation with 2,422 grafts and three follow up PRP procedures.

His hair loss pattern was a Norwood Class V.

Soon after the successful hair transplant, the patient began PRP treatments to further stimulate follicle growth at the root.

After photos were taken at 1 year post-op.

Female Hair Loss Success Story: PRP Hair Restoration Following Pregnancy

Diagnosis: Postpartum Hair Loss – Age: 35 – Sex: Female

An exciting new entry has just been added to Modena’s female hair loss success stories!

In the following presentation, Dr. Amir Yazdan’s own sister, Desiree Yazdan – herself a renowned doctor of dental medicine – undergoes PRP treatment for the progressive hair loss she experienced during pregnancy.

Hair thinning and loss during pregnancy is very common, caused by big changes in hormone and estrogen levels which can speed up the natural cycle of hair shedding. Thyroid disorders and iron deficiency arising from such hormonal imbalances can also contribute to hair shedding.

Dr. Desiree Yazdan received four PRP injections applied directly to the problem areas on the scalp, scheduled at one injection every three weeks. After the fourth and final injection, hair growth was significantly restored across the scalp, particularly around the temples. Hair grew back straight, thick and in harmony with her natural hairline.

We’ve touched on the restorative benefits of platelets before, but here we’d like to emphasize the effectiveness of PRP in treating post-partum hair loss. Since PRP is a concentrated dose of autologous platelets, their powerful growth factors and healing agents are quickly able to undo much of the damage caused by temporary hormone imbalances.

After photos were taken following two months of PRP treatments.

A special thank you to Desiree for cataloguing her hair restoration journey for us. She actively responds to questions and engages with patients on her Instagram @dryazdan.

1 week before PRP treatment
Approx. 2 Months After PRP Treatment

Male Hair Loss Success Story: “I came in with low expectations but the results have been incredible”

Diagnosis: Male Pattern Hair Loss – Age: 35 – Sex: Male

A new entry has just been added to Modena’s male hair loss success stories!

In the following presentation, Dr. Amir Yazdan documents the results of a 35-year-old undergoing an FUE hair transplantation. His hair loss pattern was a Norwood Class V.

This patient received 2,500 grafts which aimed to fill out nearly the entire crown and front temple region, effectively restoring his hairline. The hairline design is purposely conservative, so as to look completely natural and effortless. He was put on a personalized medical management system to maintain his existing hair.

After photos were taken at 1 year post-op.

hair transplant case study
1 Week Before Transplant

hair transplant case study
12 Months After Transplant

Avoiding a Botched Hair Transplant

The good thing about hair restoration is that it’s permanent and the bad thing can be that its permanent.
A Hair Transplant can be a life-changing procedure. A full head of thick luscious hair can take decades off your life giving you a youthful you! Unfortunately, there are plenty of horror stories and gruesome photos when it comes to botched hair restoration surgeries. A number of factors can lead to unsatisfactory results, which range from unnatural looking and poor longevity to embarrassing skin damage. Almost always, this can be attributed to the inexperience of the physician. Let’s look at some major factors that could potentially go wrong if you’re not cautious in your planning..
Over-harvesting happens when too much hair is taken from the donor site and unfortunately is almost a non-correctable problem.  In this case, a recommended solution would be Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) done to the area that is depleted. Transplanting grafts into the depleted area is possible but extremely difficult and labor intensive. Dr. Yazdan has strict guidelines for safe extraction numbers and routinely performs this technique on depleted donor areas with strip scars and over-harvesting. Although this does not bring the hair back, it will help tremendously on making the area look as natural as possible.
Large linear scars are a result of the Strip method. Scarring is something that is common to have happen with improper experience from a doctor and can be caused by over-harvesting. When the incision is made at the donor site, if more skin grafts are taken than the elasticity of your skin can handle, causing tension of closure, this makes it hard to stitch the scalp tightly back together resulting in a gapping scar.  If you’re concerned of a botched scar, a safer bet would be the 2nd hair restoration technique which is called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) that minimizes scarring as this method is done by extracting grafts individually opposed to taking a strip from the back of the scalp. With FUE there is no linear scar and no stitches are required, so your donor area will be minimally noticeable within just a few days. Dr. Yazdan has done thousands of hair transplants and it takes great effort for anyone to find a donor site scar on his patients.
Failure of Regrowth
This can happen from poor surgical technique. Poor handling of the grafts, and drying out of the grafts. If the donor hair was properly harvested and properly placed, typically 95% or more of the grafts should successfully grow.
Large Punch Size
The larger the punch size, the higher the risk of damaged or dead nearby hair follicles. Your grafts should average only 1-3 hairs which can be accomplished with smaller punch sizes. More recently, many physicians are using a machine or robot, rather, called the Artas which does the extracting of the hair follicles for the surgeon. Multiple problems can occur with the Artas including the use of the larger punch sizes creating permanent damage to the nearby hair follicles. Dr. Yazdan recommends a highly skilled and experienced surgeon who manually does the hair restoration surgery to get both the angle and orientation of the incisions in a way to match the existing native hair, so the results come out looking natural.
Shopping for a Bargain
Going to a budget store is all good if it’s for redecorating your home. It is not something you want to risk your appearance on. This could potentially affect your quality of life and is NOT recommended as this can lead to disastrous results that you may be stuck with. At Modena Hair Institute, our patients take comfort in the security and aesthetic results of their choice.
Bad FUE or Strip hair transplantation planning can lead to unnatural looking results leaving you more self-conscious of your appearance than before you started -Don’t let this happen to you! Picking the right doctor is extremely important, while minimally invasive, it is still a surgical operation that needs to be done by a Board-Certified Surgeon who has a high success rate in order to obtain superb results. A botched surgery can easily be avoided by doing extensive research.
If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consult please call one of our conveniently located offices in Irvine, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas 1-888-717-5273


FUE Hair Transplant: How Long Will It Take For My Hair To Regrow?

Hair growth after surgery is the very first question that may come in mind. Understanding the stages how transplanted hair grows will help to keep expectations realistic.
Every person is different, therefore the rate in which your hair will regrow varies from patient to patient. In our practice, a well performed transplant will see results in as little as 4 months whether you’re acquiring FUE or Strip hair transplant surgery. Newly growing transplanted hairs start to become visible at this time however they are still not in their final stages of thickness and length quite yet.
Dr. Yazdan likes for his patients to come in for a post-op visit at the 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 9th month mark to compare your pre-op photos so we can discuss your progress, but expect to see the full benefits within the first year and maximal cosmetic improvement can be seen within 14-18 months.
“I highly recommend waiting a solid year before arriving at any conclusions as to the success of your hair transplant. At this time, if you’re still unsatisfied with the length and density of your new hair, talk with your surgeon. If you still have doubts, you may need to seek a second opinion.” Says Dr. Yazdan.
Once a hair transplant starts to grow, it will continue to grow until the end of the hair cycle at a rate of about ½ inch per month. The new hair which has been transplanted grows in cycles and will become fuller and thicker than the donor site over time.
And for optimal results, we like to follow a hair restoration surgery with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or laser therapy which can stimulate hair regrowth tremendously giving you maximal results. Light medical management is also highly desired during the growth period. Medical management consists of non-surgical methods such as minoxidil, finasteride and GroMD hair loss prevention shampoo.
Some might say the hardest part of a hair transplant is after the procedure is finished. Continuously over analyzing and examining each hair follicle, checking the mirror every few hours waiting to see results. Remember, be patient! Good things come to those who wait.
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Eyebrow Transplant: Should You Try It?

Eyebrows are more important than ever before! With todays fashion trend, its all about the thicker, fuller eyebrows. The quest for fuller brows has made eyebrow transplants a thing these days. Let’s talk about who would be a good candidate:
Eyebrow loss can occur in both men and women, leaving them unsettled and insecure about their facial appearance. After all, eyebrows frame the upper portion of the face and eye area making this region the first thing people look at. Brow loss is most commonly due to injury or trauma resulting in scars, hormone imbalance, hereditary, aging, yet over-tweezing making the top of the list! Less common factors may be due to an attack of the immune system such as cancer treatment processes like chemotherapy-which for some patients, can be the most emotionally difficult part of the process as hair loss can be a tell-tale sign of an illness present.
Every day people are applying makeup to recreate a new brow or filling in what they once had. Thinning or hair loss of the brow region from overplucking was a common trend in the 90’s, as that was the time overzealous plucking in earlier years often begin to show up as thinning or bald spots. Overplucked eyebrows are one of the most common causes people seek out transplants. More than ever, people are pulling out all the stops to hide the fact that they’ve lost their brows, and often times the hair won’t regrow on its own. Fortunately, there is a Cosmetic treatment now being used for a more long-term solution using modern microsurgical techniques.
Eyebrow Transplantation is a surgical procedure to permanently restore or customize the brows by taking hair from another part of the body such as the back of the scalp and transplanting it to the brow region to create the desired brow shape. This procedure is quite meticulous and takes artistic design for a successful procedure. However, if done incorrectly, can leave you with redness and scaring on the donor site as well as uneven patchy eyebrows.
As with all cosmetic procedures, the key to a natural-looking result is to fully research the surgeon of your choice to get a good idea of the doctors skill when it comes to eyebrow transplants or any kind of hair transplants for that matter. “I can’t stress enough how important it is that patients do their homework ahead of time in finding the right doctor, otherwise they might end up with a botched outcome,” says Dr. Yazdan -whose patients fly in from other areas to seek treatment at his Beverly Hills and Orange County offices. It bears repeating that careful planning and precise angulation of each hair is critical for a successful end result.
Restore the thickness and shape of your eyebrows by calling our office today!
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Case Study – Botched Strip Transplant Corrected using FUE and Strip Combination

This patient had a 3,000 graft Strip/FUT hair transplant done previously at another clinic which resulted in an oversized, irregular scar from ear to ear as well as poor results. It also left him with damage to the donor zone and decreased density of hair follicles. While hair transplant surgery is minimally invasive, it takes a highly skilled hair transplant surgeon with advanced equipment and a great team to minimize the probability of a botched surgery like you see in these photos.

The patient wanted to have better results as his hair was still very thin in the hairline all the way back into the crown. Because of the damage done to the patients donor zone in his previous surgery, his density was only about 20 grafts per square centimeter. It was calculated that doing a 2nd strip procedure would only yield roughly 1,000 viable grafts which would not be enough to get the patient dramatic results. It was therefor decided to do a combination of Strip and FUE to maximize the number of grafts we could obtain in 1 surgery.

The large strip scar was excised yielding 1,082 grafts and closed with a better technique improving the overall appearance and leaving him with 1 incisional line vs 2. The FUE method was then used to extract the hair follicles above the Strip scar. A total of 1,043 FUE grafts were extracted resulting in a total of 2,125 grafts. The grafts were then transplanted into the patient hairline, midscalp, and crown as show.

If you’d like to hear more about Strip and FUE combination options and benefits- please feel free to call one of our conveniently located offices in Irvine, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas 1-888-717-5273

Am I Too Young for a Hair Transplant?

There are some young men out there that unfortunately picked up the hereditary “gene” of hair loss at quite a young age, this is called genetic male patterned hair loss or baldness. Early ages of balding can leave you feeling uncertain and anxious about the next steps to follow in restoring your hair. Yet, some young men are a little embarrassed and apprehensive to discuss these types of questions with their doctor. We’re here to help answer these questions for you..
The short answer?
Your top surgeons will warn you about getting a hair transplant too young. Trust us, there’s imperative precautions in ‘jumping the gun’ on a FUE or Strip hair transplant procedure, rather using an alternative such as medical management to start out with.
Many experienced surgeons will tell you to at least wait till your mid-twenties before going under the knife in hair restoration surgery. For example, in your early twenties, it’s still too early to predict the pattern of your future hair loss, potentially making the chances of your surgery an unnatural and unsatisfactory outcome in the coming years as your head naturally continues to thin out or bald. FUE and Strip hair transplant specialist, Dr. Yazdan suggests being at least 28-30 before considering a surgery as your future hair loss pattern is still uncertain. Thus, making the potential need for future transplant sessions highly inevitable.
“In order to achieve the most highly desired results for my patients, we need to closely examine their history, and future expectations. We need to also closely focus on their donor and recipient areas, counting the number of donor hairs the patient has while determining any existing hair growth trends and foreseeing any future problem areas,” says Yazdan.
Dr. Yazdan highly recommends meeting with a hair loss specialist to discuss if medical management is right for you before moving forward with a transplant surgery.
But don’t get discouraged! Medical management can certainly help in preventing any future hair loss including using a medication called finasteride. Finasteride is a medication to treat scalp hair loss in men and is a DHT blocker. Decreasing the amount of DHT leads to increased hair regrowth and slows down the hair loss problem. This is a great first step in becoming a better, more enhanced YOU.
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Hair Restoration Surgeon Develops Breakthrough Shampoo for Hair Loss: GroMD

GroMD - Argan Oil Enriched Hair Loss Shampoo

GroMD’s Hair Loss Shampoo Enriched With Argan Oil

Let’s face it… Hair loss remains one of the most sensitive topics for both men and women.
GroMD Shampoo + Conditioner is unisex and formulated for both men and women aiming to soothe our biggest source of anxiety, frustration and lack of confidence!
Developed by top Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgeon, Dr Yazdan. “I see so many patients come into my practice, wasting their money on products that don’t even work” Dr Yazdan. “I decided I needed to bring to market a unique and effective shampoo + conditioner giving advanced results for both men and woman.”
Launching in Spring of 2018 as a Hair Loss Shampoo + Conditioner with ingredients that are clinically proven to work, such as a proprietary blend of DHT Blockers, Biotin, Caffeine and Niacin. It is also enriched with Argan Oil to combat a dry scalp.
This product not only revitalizes hair follicles to prevent hair loss, it also regenerates hair growth and regrows thicker hair all in one bottle, making it a game changer for the industry.
This may be doctor developed, but no need for a prescription. GroMD will be available online at $69.99 and targets both men and women of all hair types.
Dr Yazdan wanted to make sure it was developed to the highest standards, resulting in the product being manufactured in the USA and with NO harsh chemicals such as SLS, parabens, and sulfates making it SAFE for all hair.
There will be a section of the website dedicated to educational material written by Dr Yazdan himself which helps consumers cut through the misleading information found on the web about these medicines and ingredients, what works, and what doesn’t.
At the end of the day, who would you rather trust with your hair loss needs, a serial entrepreneur moving on from one product to the next or a Top Hair Restoration Surgeon who meticulously picked the perfect blend of ingredients to give you your BEST results?
Get your confidence, youth, and hair back with GroMD!
Visit Modena Hair Institute or purchase your GroMD products HERE.
For more information please contact our office today at 949-374-2563.

GroMD Hair Loss Shampoo Enriched With Argan Oil

The Many Health Benefits of Using Topical Argan Oil

Goat Climbing for Argan Oil
There’s something to be said about goats willing to climb 30-foot-tall trees just to get their hands or hooves, rather, on the world’s most expensive edible oil. People throughout the world have taken advantage of the many benefits argan oil has to offer including the effectiveness it has as an all-natural moisturizer for your skin and hair.
Argan oil is known for its richness in Vitamin A and E but the nutrients don’t stop there, it is also packed with antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. Tocopherol derived from the Vitamin E helps to boost cell production while promoting healthy skin and hair. This is why you’re seeing high-end anti-aging hair and skincare products adding this nutritious fruit to its ingredients.
“We live in a world where people will do just about anything to stay youthful, with hair thinning and hair loss being at the top of the list of reasons we look more aged, I knew there was more I could do to help.” Said Dr. Yazdan.
With over 40% of men alone experiencing noticeable hair thinning and hair loss by the age of 35 in the United States, Dr Yazdan felt an urgency to help gain their confidence back. Spending many years perfecting a shampoo + conditioner enriched with argan oil to fulfill the demand of a hair restoration product that actually WORKS.
Fun Fact: A Whopping 60% of hair loss sufferers said they would rather have more hair than money or friends while 30% said they would be willing to give up sex entirely to get their hair back!
But why the hefty price tag on argan oil? By hand, Moroccan natives extract the oil from the fruit derived from the argan tree making this an extremely intensive process and very time consuming. Due to the intensive process and the fact that argan trees can only be found in Morocco, makes it expensive to produce, yet a “holy grail” in the beauty and hair industry.

Here are some of our other favorite benefits of Argan Oil-

Overnight Deep Conditioning Treatment– Dry hair, dry scalp or dandruff? No problem! Warm 5-10 drops in your hands and massage through hair. Finish by applying a hair cap which allows you to retain your natural body heat, helping the oil to penetrate deeply.
Nighttime Moisturizer-Pour just 1 drop (2 drops in winter months or in dryer climates) into your palm and apply in a circular motion to your face and neck. The Vitamin A & E can help to reduce fine wrinkles. A 2015 study shows benefits to anti-aging effects.
Hair Growth– That’s right, recent studies have indicated that argan oil also promotes hair growth. So, make sure to add a few drops and massage into your scalp, or use hair care products containing argan oil.
Skin Toner– Skin toning is a critical step in your skin care routine. Add 2-4 drops to your favorite toner for a youthful all-over glow.
Acne– Its high linoleic acid content reduces inflammation and is known to decrease sebum levels in people with oily skin while helping damaged skin cells. Fun Fact: Tea Tree oil helps compliment argan oil with its rich antioxidant contents and its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties making it a great duo!
Leave-in Conditioner– It’s not only great for skin, but your hair too! This non-greasy oil repairs split end, tames frizz and fly-aways, and protects against heat from hair dryers, curlers and flat irons.
Hand & Foot treatment– If you have dry, cracking feet and hands, apply a few drops for a great winter-weather moisturizer.
Facial Serum– Add 1-2 drops on a cotton pad after cleansing and wake up with super soft skin!
For more information on the benefits of Argan Oil for Hair visit the GroMD website or contact our office today at 949-374-2563.

Modena Hair Transplant Opens New Office in Beverly Hills

Modena Hair Offers FUE in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, California (December 28, 2017) -Modena Hair Transplant, a leading provider of Hair Restoration, today announced that they recently opened a branch office located in Beverly Hills, CA, adjacent from the prestigious Rodeo Drive shopping district accommodating hair transplantation services to the greater Los Angeles region.
Plans to develop operations in Beverly Hills, CA were initiated by the growth of their Orange County locations and the fact that there has been a vast pandemonium of botched procedures occurring worldwide by doctors attempting to do it ‘on the side’ which has brought both men and women to their medical offices for reconstructive hair transplant surgery. Modena Hair Transplant will now be able to better meet the needs of Los Angeles locals as well as making the location an excellent hub for all Dr. Yazdan’s patients that travel from across the world for his expertise in restoring hair loss.
“The opening of Modena Hair Transplant’s new Beverly Hills office is an important step forward as the demand continues to expand,” said Dr. Yazdan M.D at Modena Hair Institute. “The new office will be the first of many important changes for the company in 2018 and we are beyond thrilled to start providing patients in the Los Angeles area with both FUE and Strip Hair Transplant Surgery.”
As a long-standing member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Yazdan is one of the world’s leading medical authorities on hair loss and hair restoration. He is trained in all the latest methods and technology of Hair Transplant procedures using techniques and tools not found in any other clinic in the world.
His specialized training and experience prompted Dr. Yazdan to establish the Modena Hair and Laser Institute in 2011, where he offers a spectrum of services related to hair loss in men and women. Furthermore, his advanced artistry and always staying ahead of the curve has landed him the roll of being chief medical consultant for LA Weekly and a consultant on major television shows such as the Dr. Phil show and The Doctors.
For more information, please contact the office today at 310-601-1859 or email us at Contact Us Today

Can I trust a Robot to do my Hair Transplant?

You’re elated on the idea of having that thick youthful head of hair you always dreamed of and are ready to take the next step, but..
You may want to think twice before finding a surgeon who relies on a robot to do most of the work!
If you’ve done your research, you may have heard of physicians using a newer technology called the “Artas”. The Artas is a robotic machine claiming to provide speed and accuracy beyond manual techniques from your surgeon. WRONG. This is the less accurate way of doing things and unfortunately, it’s resulting in more and more Corrective Hair Transplants. Here’s what they’re not telling you..
-Its punch size is much larger in diameter leaving you with larger incisions and scars on the back of your head which can result in delayed healing and more trauma if not sparing nearby hair follicles.
-Larger grafts also mean larger recipient sites to be made, therefore not allowing the grafts to be as compact as they would with smaller grafts.
-The Artas creates a deeper score which has been known to bury grafts and likely cause cyst formation.
-An experienced FUE surgeon can expect a graft survival rate of around 90% while the Artas may have a much lower survivability. Based on our experience we’ve seen the survivability as low as 20% from the Artas under the use of inexperienced staff.
-The device can be set to target 3-4 hair grafts. Doctors have been known to cut and split these grafts, artificially increasing the number of grafts while minimizing the cost paid to Artas as the doctor pays per graft.
-The Artas has restrictions. One instrument and one device won’t work on 100% of the population. In fact, only 30-40% of patients are candidates for the procedure, so your doctor needs to have alternate techniques and tools for a proper FUE transplant. Thus, on the day of your surgery your surgeon needs a backup method of extracting the grafts so they’re not being permanently damaged.
-While Robotic hair transplants sounds pretty advanced and futuristic, it’s just another way a less experienced doctor can set up shop doing hair transplants amongst other services they already provide.
Conclusion? There are still too many limitations and refinements needed of the Artas to even come close to what a skilled physician can accomplish with the delicate touch of human hands and artistic craft for natural looking results. I would recommend people considering hair transplant surgery to find a skilled surgeon whom has many instruments to perform FUE.
If your Hair Transplant has been botched by the Artas robot and need Corrective hair transplant give us a call today. With Offices located in Beverly Hills, Orange County, and Las Vegas we specialize in hair transplant repair.

Does the hair transplant surgeon matter when it comes to hair transplant results?

While California has many hair transplant surgeons to choose from, people living in other states aren’t so lucky. Some individuals may find they are lucky to even find just 1 reputable and experienced hair transplant surgeon in their area.
As a result, they may be wondering just how important the hair surgeon is to actual hair transplant results. After all, all hair transplants require the same basic steps of extracting and placing grafts, right? Unfortunately, no. Hair transplants can be a quite complicated procedure that requires expertise in order to achieve desirable results.
If the surgeon in your area leaves much to be desired when it comes to prove hair transplant results, it may be in your best interest to consider traveling for a reputable surgeon. Many consultations can be done via email with pictures or videochat. And while you may pay a little extra in travel expenses, it can be considered an investment in a quality hair transplant.
Here at Modena, many of our patients travel to us from all over the world. We understand the value of making the right choice when it comes to results and medical procedures, so we offer competitive travel perks for our out-of-town guests.
If you’d like to learn more about the value of having an experienced hair surgeon perform your hair transplant, give us a call today.

Help! I got a hair transplant and my hair looks worse than it did before!

This is a common complaint we hear on the message boards and from patients seeking a revision or reparative hair transplant. This is an unfortunate outcome of hair transplantation and not one that we expect to see after a successful surgery. Many things could cause your hair to look worse off after surgery than it did before. Below, I break down some of those causes.
Failed or botched surgery. A failed or botched surgery could result in your scalp and hair looking much worse than it did before surgery. This could be the result of an infection, necrosis, folliculitis, graft death, damage to grafts during extraction/placement, over-extraction, over-excision, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done after a failed surgery, except wait until the scalp heals and seek out an experienced surgeon who specializes in repair hair transplants. If you are concerned about infection of swelling you should meet with a doctor. If you no longer trust your original hair surgeon, you should meet with other surgeons in your area to get 2nd and 3rd opinions.
Shock loss. This is a hair loss condition that effects the native hairs in the area surrounding the extraction and recipient zones. Sometimes, the trauma induced by hair transplant surgery can cause the surrounding hairs to go into a state of shock and fall out. This condition can be temporary or permanent. It is likely to be permanent if the hairs were on their way out, meaning they were likely to fall out in the coming years as a result of your progressive hair loss. Shock loss can be prevented with the use of medical management and expert technique by the surgeon so as to limit the trauma to the surrounding hairs.
Graft shedding. This is the best case scenario to explain your post-surgery look. Graft shedding is a normal part of the hair transplant process, in which the newly transplanted grafts shed the current hairs, and allow for the new hairs to grow in once they cycle through their growth phase. This process can take some time, thus why we recommend waiting 6 months – 1 year to determine the full results of hair transplantation.
If you’re concerned about the results of your hair transplant and would like to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion on your case, give us a call today. Here at Modena, our doctor’s specialize in medical management of hair loss, complicated hair transplant cases, and reparative hair surgeries.

Case Study – FUE Hairline Hair Transplant

This patient came to us after doing lots of research on hair transplantation. This 45 year old male patient desired more density in his hairline and crown. After getting a graft quote and cost estimate, the patient decided to get the hairline done now in one procedure and the crown done in one year from now in a second procedure. Dr. Yazdan transplanted 1500 grafts into the hairline through the FUE method of hair transplantation. Below are before and after pictures illustrating the patient’s results.